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Artist Profiles - Bassist Gerald Veasley

Gerald Veasley is a jazz bass guitarist.Veasley was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 28, 1955. He played in R&B groups as a teenager and worked with Joe Zawinul from 1988 to 1995 Veasley began releasing his own records in 1992. He has also done extensive work as a studio musician. His 2008 release "Your Move" hit No. 12 on the U.S. Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. In 2002, he founded Gerald Veasley's Bass BootCamp. The participants learn, perform and are...
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Since his debut novel, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers has finessed a line between fact and fiction. His latest, Heroes of the Frontier, is a novel about a dentist who, after a bad breakup, packs up and moves to Alaska with her two young children.

Alaska is "a working state" that's "not too precious about itself," Eggers tells NPR's Scott Simon. "It's still very raw and there's still so much of it that you can discover, and be alone."

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden flew four times on the space shuttle and was the first voice to be broadcast from Mars.

We've invited him to play a game called "You're not Charles in Charge — he is!" Click the audio link above to hear Bolden answer three questions about the remarkable career of actor and Republican National Convention speaker Scott Baio.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton's choice for her vice president, giving her a running mate with experience at all levels of government to round out the Democratic ticket.

Clinton told supporters the news in a text message and a tweet on Friday evening just after 8 p.m. ET. According to a Clinton campaign official, the former secretary of state called Kaine this evening to make the formal offer.

Roundup: The Republican National Convention And Race (So Far)

Jul 21, 2016

In a year when the topic seems virtually unavoidable, race has been a major focus of coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

There was the MSNBC panel Monday evening in which Iowa Rep. Steve King questioned whether nonwhites have made any contributions to civilization.

Airbnb, the popular site that lets people rent rooms and houses, is hoping to fight racism and discrimination on its platform — and it's recruited former Attorney General Eric Holder to help.

The company has spent more than a month reviewing its policies, after widespread reports of a pattern of bias against people of color looking to rent rooms.

Republicans have officially nominated Donald Trump as their presidential nominee, with his home state of New York putting him over the top.

Members of the Wichita, Kan., police department spent Sunday afternoon eating and talking with people from the community, at a cookout that was planned with the local Black Lives Matter group.

The event was called the First Steps Community Cookout — a reference to its goal of bridging the gap between police and the community they serve. Taking place instead of a protest that had been planned for Sunday, the cookout came about after Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay had a lengthy meeting with activist A.J. Bohannon and other members of the local Black Lives Matter movement.

The differences between the GOP and Democrats on race relations should be on stark display in Ohio today.

In Cincinnati, Hillary Clinton is speaking to black leaders at the annual convention of the NAACP. In Cleveland, the Trump campaign is pushing the theme of law and order.

Here & Now‘s Meghna Chakrabarti talks with NPR’s White House correspondent Tamara Keith about Hillary Clinton’s speech to the civil rights group and her plan for mending race relations.

Gregory Porter's healing soul music sends a message of compassion, and he's got a baritone voice that resonates love. When Porter visited NPR, we'd just learned that our colleague, photojournalist David Gilkey, had been killed while working on a story for NPR in Afghanistan. When Porter began singing the calmly beautiful "No Love Dying," he may not have known how much it would mean to us.


Tune in for Biz Talk With Josh Smith Saturdays At 8 AM

Joshua speaks with Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne, owners of Georgetown Cupcake which is a cupcakery based in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Listen in to Miami Valley Speaks Saturdays At 11 AM

Zakiya Sankara-Jabar Co-Founder/Director at Racial Justice NOW will talk exclusively on the need for the Town Hall meeting on voting on August 5th.

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Will Downing gives us a lesson on how to be silky smooth with the release of "After Tonight.” Produced by bandmate Rex Rideout and Noel Goring, it has a solid collection of soul/jazz tunes.